Earth911 Creates a New iPhone Application to Make Recycling Easier

Earth911, a website dedicated to informing people about reducing, reusing and recycling, recently created iRecycle, a new iPhone application that makes recycling easier. The application allows users to locate the nearest recycling center anywhere in the United States. Because iRecycle uses GPS, the application can pinpoint your location and find the recycling centers nearest to you with no address needed, making on-the-go recycling simple. iRecycle brings users Earth911’s database of more than 100,000 recycling and proper disposal locations in the United States right to their fingertips.

Along with providing the location of the recycling center, iRecycle also gives the location’s hours of operation, contact information and website. It even provides directions on how to get to the center. 

The application also creates a detailed list of all of the items accepted for recycling at the different locations. Earth911’s database provides information about recycling centers that accept over 200 different materials.

iRecycle can be downloaded to iPhones or iTouches for free through a link at Earth911’s website or through iTunes.

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