Building SIPsmart: The ARCX Dome Has Been Sold

Reader Contribution by Michael Morley

The Tenants to Homeowners ARCX dome was sold recently. A young couple currently living in a parent’s basement will be moving into the completed home on June 25. They had other new homes built by TTH to choose from, but they loved the dome and that is what they wanted. They signed the sales paperwork on the last day to be eligible for the first time homebuyers $8,000 tax credit.

I was in the home last week showing a client around while the drywall work was being completed. Bill Lown, who has been providing great drywall work for me for 20 years was not daunted by the complex shapes and angles. Maybe not overly happy, but not daunted. We were in the 2nd floor mechanical room and we noticed that the temperature was about 70 degrees. This is while is was in the 90s outside and had been for a week. No mechanical cooling had been turned on, yet it was very comfortable. This bodes well for very low energy bills.

We applied the final finish coat to the Sealoflex waterproofing system. The Coraflex product has an aggregate incorporated into the mix and is trowel-applied. It took a little practice to be able to handle the runny consistency, but then it applied pretty quickly and provided a sanded stucco look that hides all seams and defects from the base coats. This product has been very versatile, and my confidence grows with each application.

We are ready to take on the next dome project. Maybe you want to live in a super energy-efficient, storm-proof home. Give us a call and take a look at the time lapse video of the shell erection below.