Dirty Dozen: Responsible Easter Eggs

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Source: GreenGuide.com

How can you be sure the eggs you dye this Easter are responsibly and humanely produced? Here’s a look at the egg-label pecking order.

Cage Free: Chickens aren’t restricted to cages. Doesn’t guarantee birds have outdoor access or aren’t overcrowded. Cage free eggs aren’t third-party verified.

AHA Free Farmed: Chickens were raised with adequate space and comfort, and without unnecessary antibiotics. Eggs are third-party verified by the American Humane Association.

Free Range: Chicken has the opportunity to go outdoors, but that access may not be unrestrained. Doesn’t guarantee the bird was in a pasture–could live on a dirt or concrete floor. Free range eggs are not verified by a third party.

Natural: Eggs are minimally processed and free of artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. Makes no claim about bird treatment. Natural eggs are not third-party verified.

Certified Organic: Eggs are not irradiated. The chickens that lay them eat organic food (free of animal protein); move around freely; and are raised without antibiotics, added growth hormones or genetic modification. Certified organic eggs are verified by the USDA.