Designs with a Social Conscience

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Photo Courtesy Social Designer and JDS Architects.
Recycled Worlds by JDS was inspired by the phrase cradle to cradle. The shirt embodies a utopia idea of recycling and consuming only what we need.

Social Designer is a website that encourages positive social changes by offering designed T-shirts, canvas bags and other accessories. Anyone can submit their drawings and designs to the website, where they are voted on by an online panel. The winner of the design competition receives a $2,000 prize. All the designs raise awareness through an innovative design such as catchy environmental slogans and interesting graphic designs that commonly feature Earth.

A percentage of the shirt sales goes towards a relevant non-profit, non-governmental organization or charity. Many of the T-Shirts are printed on American Apparel cotton shirts, and some designs are printed on organic fabrics, like the canvas totes.

The website is the collaborative work of Felissimo Design House, an international company encouraging change by means of design, and Design 21, a social activist organization empowering social and environmental responsibility through design.  

Once the selected design wins, the designer chooses an organization and what percentage of their earnings they donate. The T-shirt and tote designs support pre-selected organizations in the following categories: animal welfare, arts and culture, environment, health and well-being, peace and poverty. Although the products are pricey, most products offer a 50 percent donation towards a certain cause.

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