Dell Now Running Nine Facilites on 100 Percent Renewable Energy

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Photo by D Sharon Pruitt/Courtesy Flickr
Technology giant Dell is going green.

The IT sector has just gotten a little greener. Technology giant Dell is now operating nine of its facilities, or 26 percent of its global energy consumption, on 100 percent renewable energy. This is up six percent from 2008, and according to Dell will continue to climb.

In April 2008, Dell partnered with TXU Energy and Waste Management to power Dell’s global headquarters with 100 percent green power. Since then Dell has continued to expand and engage in new renewable energy partnerships. The facilities currently powered by renewable energy include Bracknell, England; Glasgow, Scotland; Frankfurt, Germany; Halle, Germany; Oslo, Norway; Stockholm, Sweden; Round Rock, Texas; Twin Falls; Idaho; and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Dell’s use of renewable energy is a part of its plan to reduce the company’s greenhouse gas emissions 40 percent by 2015. Dell reports that is has already achieved one of its other environmental goals, operational carbon neutrality, five months ahead of schedule in August 2008. In fact, the EPA ranked Dell among the top five in renewable energy purchasing on the EPA Fortune 500 Green Power Challenge for its use of biogas, solar, and wind power. Dell is also working with its suppliers to help the company achieve its environmental goals.

Notable environmental  activists at the Climate Group praised Dell’s achievements. “The Climate Group applauds Dell’s commitment to drive demand for clean energy, improve energy efficiency and reduce its carbon footprint,” Director of Sustainable Resources Kate Krebs says. “The Climate Group’s Smart 2020 report illustrated how the IT sector has the potential to reduce global emissions by 15 percent and save global industry $800 billion in annual energy costs by 2020. Dell’s leadership on energy and climate change will help us unlock the full potential of a clean, green and prosperous low-carbon future.”

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