Creative Clan: Scotland’s Findhorn Foundation

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Photo Courtesy Findhorn
Whiskey barrel houses at the Findhorn Ecovillage incorporate green building technology.

Ecovillage is a global model for holistic and sustainable living. The com­munity, a project of the acclaimed Findhorn Foundation, is based on shared ecological, social, and spiritual values.

Find it

The Ecovillage, founded in the late 1980s, is nestled behind seaside sand dunes twenty-six miles from Inverness.

Built right

Twenty-seven buildings are completed; there are plans for forty more. All incorporate environmentally sound, energy efficient construction, and natural materials, including locally grown and harvested timber from managed forests, straw, local stone, and natural clay tiles.

Cutting edge

The community operates an energy-producing wind farm and has developed a biological sewage treatment plant, The Living Machine.


The Findhorn Foundation operates a core program of events, workshops, and retreats for visitors. The special Ecovillage Training program teaches green building, sustainable economics, organic farming, holistic health, eco-restoration, and conservation.

Community life

More than 400 people from forty countries live in this diverse and caring community. The shop, café, theatre and community celebrations provide abundant social opportunities.

Holistic business

Residents enjoy working together on Findhorn-affiliated businesses that provide goods and services such as Scottish pottery; organic baked goods, produce, meats and cheeses; book publishing; and alternative medicine.