Cordwood Practice Buildings Make Useful Additions to your Homestead

Reader Contribution by Richard Flatau

In my last blog posting, “How do I Learn Cordwood Construction?,” I mentioned that my next blog would be about How to Build a Practice Building. There are basically 3 ways to learn a new building technique.

3 Ways to Learn Cordwood Building

1.  Read all the available literature

2.  Take a workshop from an expert  Cordwood Workshops

3.  Build a practice building

I would highly recommend doing all three, but if for some reason you can’t attend a workshop, then you want to consider:  Reading everything you can on the process and build a small, manageable practice building.  This will inform you of the demands of the technique, the time frame involved and what it looks like upon completion.  

Make the practice building a part of your homestead.  Planning on having chickens?  Then consider building a cordwood chicken coop.

Want to shelter your animals?  How about a cordwood or hybrid dog house?

 Need a place to store your garden tools and plants? Why not a cordwood garden shed?

Park you car, tractor or truck out of the elements with a cordwood garage or relax in a cordwood sauna at the end of a long, hard days work.

What book would I recommend for starters? Cordwood Construction Best Practices is my choice.  It offers an abundance of photos and details the choices and decisions you need to make when planning your building (types of wood, mortars, insulation, roof, foundations, etc.),

If you want to take a workshop, here are some choices, Cordwood Workshops

If you want to build a Cordwood Shed, why not take a look at Cordwood Shed Plans available at the online bookstore at www.CordwoodConstruction.orgWhile you are there, take a look around at the beautiful photos, read the Articles about cordwood in the Menu section.  Have a gander at the 2014 eNewsletter, Cordwood eNewsletter

 Need books fast, almost all the selections at the Online Bookstore also come in ebook format. No shipping charges and immediate access to information. Online Cordwood Bookstore

Or, if you wish, you can email a question to Richard Flatau at

Happy Stacking!