Conical Candles Craft

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This conical candles craft is a perfect project for the holiday season.
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You can create conical candles by melting down old used candles for this craft.

Try making this green-themed conical candles craft for the holiday season.

Conical Candles Craft

Old candles give a whole new light.

Stubs of old candles, waxy spills, and broken tapers all have life left in them. Recycle them into elegant, unusual conical candles using kitchen funnels as your molds.

To Make Conical Candles:

Melt old candles and wax chips in an empty food can set in a saucepan of water. Rescue any wicks that are long enough to reuse. Grease the interior of a funnel with olive oil. Wad a piece of paper or foil over one end of the wick or string and stuff it well down into the neck of the funnel, making sure it stoppers the end. Loop the other end of the wick over a pencil and secure it with tape. Invert the funnel into an old jar and balance the pencil on the edge. Carefully pour in the melted wax. Let cool completely. Gently squeeze and tap to unmold. Cut away the paper stopper to expose the wick.

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