Build Green, Save Green: The Cost (and Savings) of Green Building

Think it costs too much to incorporate ecological measures into homes or buildings? Think again. It actually saves money in the long run, according to a report by California’s Sustainable Building Task Force.

Average additional amount it costs to construct a green building compared to a conventional one.

Additional cost per square foot to construct a green building.

Cost premium for green buildings five years ago.

$1 million
Estimated savings over twenty years when $100,000 worth of green building features are invested into a $5 million building project. (That’s ten times the savings of the initial investment.)

Per square foot savings of a green building over twenty years.

Amount builders can reduce building energy consumption while sticking to a budget. (Wisconsin Green Building Alliance)

Increase in worker productivity following a move to a green, daylit facility. (Environmental Design & Construction, July/August 2000)

Download the report: greenbuilding/design

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