Boudoir Budgeting: Eco-Friendly (and Budget-Friendly) Bedroom Products

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Photo By Povy Kendal Atchison


Futon: $145 to $195 (depending on size);

PBDE-free foam mattress: $150 and up (depending on size);

Organic cotton & wool mattresses: $475 and up (depending on size);

Natural latex mattress with wool topper & untreated cotton cover: $899 and up (depending on size);

Natural rubber mattresses: $795 and up (depending on size);

Bed frames

High-quality, toxin-free wood: $500 or less;;;

Mattress Toppers

Organic wool: $135 to $265;

Natural latex: $179 to $389 (depending on height);


Organic cotton, wool, bamboo: $100 or less (each sheet);;;

Pillows and Pillow Covers

Buckwheat-filled or natural latex: $29 to $54;

Wool: $70 to $110;

Full body: $145 to $175;

Organic buckwheat- or millet-filled: $70;

Natural latex and wool: $40;


Organic-cotton duvets and quilts: $95 to $229;

Organic comforters: $139 to $395 (depending on weight);

Hemp (and organic flax linen and cotton): $99 to $299;


Organic-hemp area rugs:$89 to $169;

Wool area rugs (no dyes or stain treatments; jute backing):  $190 to $290 (4-by-6-feet, custom);

Fair trade-certified rugs: $275 to $3,375;


Low or zero-VOC and toxin free: $35 per gallon;

Zero-VOC: $24 per gallon;


Hand-hammered, recycled copper, fair trade lamps: $275 and up;


Tab-top insulating curtain panels: $54 for a pair (63 inches long);

For more information on eco-friendly and budget-friendly bedroom redecorating, see the article “Green Your Bedroom for $1,000 or Less.”