20 Stocks That Could Change the World

Want to invest in eco-conscious companies? Here are SustainableBusiness.com’s All-Star Stock Picks–the world’s top sustainable public companies. To learn more, subscribe to Progressive Investor, a newsletter from SustainableBusiness.com.

1. AstroPower: Leading U.S. solar manufacturer.

2. Axfood: Restricts genetically modified food and offers hormone-free meats and non-irradiated produce.

3. Ballard Power Systems: Leading fuel cell manufacturer for the transportation industry.

4. Chiquita: Banana farms certified by the Rainforest Alliance Better Banana project.

5. Electrolux: Solar-powered lawnmowers and water-efficient dishwashers and washing machines.

6. FuelCell Energy: Fuel cell manufacturer for powering buildings and utilities.

7. Green Mountain Coffee: Expanding Fair Trade and organic coffee lines.

8. Henkel: Develops environmentally safe cleaners and adhesives.

9. Herman Miller: Designs and makes sustainable wood furniture.

10. Horizon Organic Dairy: Produces hormone- and antibiotic-free dairy foods.

11. JM: Sustainable real estate and construction.

12. Kyocera: Leading solar panel manufacturer.

13. NEG Micon: Large international wind energy companies.

14. SCA: Produces Forest Stewardship Council-certified paper and packaging.

15. STMicroelectronics: Sustainability leader in the semiconductor industry.

16. Swiss Re: Lobbies for policies that combat climate change and bases insurance rates on clients’ environmental impact.

17. Tomra: Manufactures and operates automated systems for recovering and recycling beverage containers.

18. United Natural: Natural and organic foods distributor.

19. Vestas: World’s largest wind farm supplier.

20. Whole Foods: Largest U.S. natural supermarket chain.

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