Energy Champs: Best Products for Home Energy Efficiency

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AirScape whole-house fan
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PowerCost Monitor WiFi Edition
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Larson Manufacturing efficient storm doors
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Rare Manufacturing metal roof
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Velux Skylights

First Defense

Storm doors with low-E glass offer energy efficiency in winter by reducing leaks and providing “dead space” between your entry door and cold outside air. Screens (sometimes removable) provide summer ventilation.

Storm Doors

Andersen Windows




Pella Windows

Winning Strategy

Technological advances in home-energy monitoring and management mean you can easily see how and when your home uses the most energy, then set controls to maximize efficiency.

Whole-House Energy Monitors

Black & Decker Power Monitor


The Energy Detective

GE Nucleus Energy Monitor and Management System

Green Building Supply


PowerCost Monitor

Your Biggest Fan

Whole-house fans cool and ventilate without air conditioning, using the basic concept that heat rises. As hot air is released through attic vents, cool air is pulled inside through open windows.

Whole-House Fans



Tamarack Technologies 

Gold Medal

Extremely durable and recyclable, reflective metal roofs are among the best for energy efficiency.

Metal Roofs

Central Texas Metal Roofing Supply

Classic Metal Roofing Systems

Follansbee Roofing


Rare Manufacturing

Through the Roof

Properly installed Energy Star skylights bring sunshine, not unwanted heat, deep into your home. Some models offer whole-house ventilation.  


Acralight International Skylights

Natural Light Tubular Skylights

ODL Windows 




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