Average Electric Bills

| 9/12/2008 9:47:00 AM

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How much electricity do you use each month? Have you ever wondered how your electric bills compare to other households?

These are the average figures for electricity bills in the United States, according to this handy page of statistics from the Energy Information Agency (EIA).

 * The average residential monthly bill is $95.66

 * Average residential monthly use is 920 kilowatt hours (kWh)

 * The average price paid per kWh is 10.4 cents, so about a dime. (Here’s a further breakdown by state.)

Are your electric bills above or below these averages? Are you taking steps to reduce your electricity use? You can share your thoughts by posting a comment below.


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10/2/2014 9:34:26 AM

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4/1/2014 5:28:07 PM

I live in a 650 sq ft apartment in NYC. I use less that 400 kWh per month and my bills are over one hundred dollars. My current bill has me using 371 kWh for 30 days and the bill is $122. Even if I subtract the sales tax and some of the state imposed surcharges that Con Edison passes on to the customer, my rate per kWh is 30 cents per kWh. How can they justify that??*#@^%!

3/28/2014 5:47:50 PM

My bill rns around $45 per month, between 150 and 240 kWh per mo. I live lightly, but I think for most the biggest gains are in having good insulation and tight doors/windows, since the heating and cooling systems use quite a bit of electricity. Here, just a wood stove and a water tank saddled on the side provides ample heat and hot water, I do use a fair amount of lighting with some daylighting for shop and home. We revamped one home which now uses 1/5th the energy and is much nicer, but requires an air-to-air heat exchanger for fresh air inside (easy add-on). LED lighting would help, newer super-efficient refrigerator, then solar pnaels!

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