What Foods are GMO Free? There’s an App for That.

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Photo By Institute for Responsible Technology
The Institute for Responsible Technology created this Non-GMO Shopping Guide for wherever you go.

For many of us, going to the grocery store is becoming more and more of a guessing game. It’s hard to tell what foods on the shelf are free of genetically modified organisms (GMO), and which are not. Consumers need to be well-informed to make the best food and product choices for their families. But it’s becoming is a constant struggle to gain information about the products we buy, the ingredients included in those products, and what our labels really say about the items we take home.

Luckily, the Institute for Responsible Technology has created several non-GMO food shopping guides. These guides are offered in a variety of formats, all of which are available on the Non-GMO Shopping Guide website.  Information on the site not only includes an easy-to-use virtual shopping guide, but also downloadable versions of a printable shopping guide and brochure in both English and Spanish. The site also offers a smartphone application providing product information at your fingertips every time you go shopping.

The guides provide information on brands and products for shopping and eating out. One of the most helpful features includes the hidden GMO ingredients in foods — there are more than you think. This tool is truly pivotal in helping consumers buy the products they want, armed with the knowledge of which foods are GMO-free.

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