The Many Uses for Canning Jars

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Photo By Fotolia/bjul
After canning jars have been emptied of salsa, sauce or jam, use them to store leftovers.

I use canning jars for a variety of kitchen needs. There’s the traditional role, of course — filled with jams, tomatoes and more. As they’re emptied, the jars then become drinking vessels. Additional emptied canning jars can be used to store dry goods or leftovers. A half-pint jar is great for sauce or a small amount of leftovers, while a half-gallon jar can hold lemonade, sun tea or soup. No more Tupperware containers missing their lids — all of the jars have the same-sized lids (regular or wide-mouth).

For holiday gifts, I fill half-pint jars with dried herbs from the garden and attach attractive labels. My baking cabinet is laden with jars of flour, sugar, chocolate chips and grains for grinding. Narrow-mouth jars make quick vases. I take jars with me to my food co-op to fill with bulk items.

I have grown to appreciate this jar system more and more, as it has eliminated the clutter of storage containers and tops.

Ilene White Freedman
Adamstown, Maryland