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UCS supporters have already sent more than 100,000 letters to lawmakers this year demanding a healthier, more sustainable approach to food and farms.

A press release fromThe Union of Concerned Scientists.

They’re called coastal dead zones. Oxygen gets sucked out of the water. Some fish swim in, lose consciousness, and die. Others are driven out of their habitat. Sea life is decimated. Entire ecosystems are stressed. A dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico is almost the size of New Jersey.

We know that fertilizer and manure run-off from huge farms is part of the problem, so why is this waste still streaming into our oceans?

Because federal policies encourage industrial-scale agriculture — putting the interests of big food companies ahead of the environment and consumers.

Right now, food industry lobbyists are swarming Capitol Hill as Congress debates the Farm Bill, the single most important piece of U.S. food policy. We can make sure the bill benefits consumers, farmers, local economies, and the land we live on, but not if food industry lobbyists have their way. They’re pushing for a status quo that benefits big business at our expense, but UCS supporters are fighting back.

Donate today and stand up for science-based farming practices that protect our planet.

UCS supporters have already sent over 100,000 letters to lawmakers this year demanding a healthier, more sustainable approach to food and farms.

We’re making sure Congress gets the facts — because when they don’t, they’re stuck making decisions based on information from food and chemical companies. So we’re doing what we do best: engaging tens of thousands of UCS supporters to respond to food companies’ splashy marketing, putting real science into lawmakers’ hands, and setting the record straight.

How do we know our approach to farming works? It’s rooted in science. Our new report— The Healthy Farm: A Vision for U.S. Agriculture — outlines four scientifically-proven steps we can take to protect our air, soil, and water from outdated farming practices, while providing enough healthy, affordable food for everyone to eat. As the Farm Bill debate continues, we need to keep standing up for the facts—can you help?

When you donate today, your gift will be put to work immediately: protecting independent science, rebutting false claims in the media, and pushing Congress to support a sustainable food system.

Don’t delay: Donate now and fight for policies rooted in science.

And when you give, know that you’re making a wise investment: UCS has received Charity Navigator’s esteemed 4-star rating for the last six straight years — an honor shared by only 3 percent of charities.

We always count on UCS members to stand up for science — I hope we can count on you today.