Stew, Hamburgers, and a silly Xmas season contest

Reader Contribution by Cole Ward

For the Best Stew…

If you like stew, don’t buy “stew meat.” Upside the head. No no no.

Instead, look for your favorite pot roast cut and buy a piece larger than you’ll need for your roast.Part of this will become your pot roast; the other part you then slice into chunks for stew meat. Not only will it taste much better than that mystery “stew meat” in the store;it’ll also be much less expensive.

Burger Treat

Start with two (as in, 2) hamburger patties. Place a few slivers of dill pickle on one patty with a few slices of Vermont Cabot cheddar cheese. Put the remaining patty on top — making the whole thing into a burger “sandwich.” Flute the edges with a fork or butter knife like a pie crust (to keep all that goodness inside).Grill with your favorite burger seasoning.

MMMM – my favorite burger recipe.

A silly little contest

You try to guess which cut I would pick if I could only eat one cut for the rest of my life, for the following meats:




The person who gets all three right will receive a free Gourmet Butcher DVD.

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