Spring Asian Noodle Recipe

Reader Contribution by Monica Sharrock

I love the concept of seasonal eating, and it is something I am always trying to learn more about. Being spring, there are so many scrumptious fruits and veggies available to us. I try to eat seasonally as often as possible for a number of reasons. First and foremost, fruits and vegetables picked in season are better for us because their nutrient levels are at their prime. Second, seasonal produce tastes better. When you can walk by strawberries at your local market and smell them, it’s because it’s strawberry season. A strawberry in the spring is dessert—a strawberry in winter is bland. And lastly, it is cost-effective to eat in season. When you eat seasonally, your produce doesn’t have to travel as far to reach you. I’m going to use the strawberry example again. When I buy strawberries in the spring, I can get them fresh from 

Oklahoma or Arkansas (I live in a border town). If I bought them in winter, they would be from Mexico. The fuel difference would be tremendous, not to mention my poor strawberries would lose tons of flavor and nutrients from sitting in a transporter for who knows how long.

Now that I’ve (hopefully) got you thinking about eating seasonally as well, I want to share with you a dish I made today using only seasonal produce. It was delicious and can be varied for summer, fall, and winter. It’s an Asian noodle dish using fresh-from-the-garden green onions, tender carrots, and grassy cilantro. I love the vibrant flavors in this dish. Excellent for lunch or dinner, it is also a good option for those who avoid meat, as eggs and whole-grain pasta are the protein sources.

Please note, I am a dash of this, pinch of that kind of cook, so specific amounts are not listed. I feel like cooking from the soul comes from tasting as you go and eyeballing a dish to see what it’s lacking. Therefore, I use few measurements. I recommend using fresh, organic produce in this recipe, free-range eggs, and organic oils and seasonings as available.

Spring Asian Noodle Recipe

Whole Grain spaghetti noodles
sesame oil
chopped cilantro
shaved carrot
diced green onion
soy sauce
Minced garlic or garlic powder

First, I boil water and prepare the noodles. I generally make an entire package of noodles as this is a dish that freezes well. While the noodles boil, I heat a little sesame oil in a deep saucepan and scramble up two or three eggs. I like to season the eggs separately with plenty of pepper, a touch of garlic, and a dash of soy sauce. I add a good serving of diced green onion, a whole shredded carrot, and a nice bunch of chopped cilantro to the pan. They sauté beautifully with the eggs, and the flavors merry and become exquisite. The final step is to add the cooked noodles and plenty of soy sauce for flavor. Drizzle with sesame oil and additional chopped cilantro to taste.

Flavorful and fragrant, this is one of my favorite recipes. Don’t forget to add any leftovers to a freezer-safe container. This dish is nicely complemented with a simple salad of fresh spring greens, toasted almonds, and strawberries drizzled with a mixture of three parts sesame oil, 1 part fresh orange juice, salt, and pepper. And don’t forget a nice, tall glass of freshly brewed tea with a squeeze of lemon. Enjoy!

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