Sesame Salt Recipe

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These California salad recipes and salad dressing recipes will make a healthy addition to your meals.
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This Sesame Salt Recipe is a great addition of seasoning to any salad or meal.

Try this Sesame Salt Recipe to add flavor to your next salad or meal.

Sesame Salt Recipe

8 cups brown (unhulled) sesame seeds
1 cup sea salt

Roast the sesame seeds in a dry skillet, starting out with the heat on medium-high and reducing it to a medium-low flame when
the seeds get fragrant and begin to toast. Stir constantly, moving the seeds away from the sides of the pan and toward the center
in a circular pattern (if they brown unevenly, the finished product won’t grind uniformly).

When the seeds are all lightly browned and begin to poi, take a pinch of them between your thumb and forefinger. If they crack
easily, they’re done. Empty them into a temporary container.

Now toast the sea salt over medium-high heat for 5 minutes, and mix the salt and the seeds together well. Blend no more
than a cup of this mixture at a time for about 5-second intervals, stirring with a long utensil (like a chopstick) when the blender
is off to keep the sesame salt from packing together. The idea is to blend the seeds and salt just long enough to make a granular
meal. Store in an airtight jar to retain freshness. Yield: about 8 cups.

From Cosmic Cookery by Kathryn Hannaford, copyright 1974 by Starmast Publications. Reprinted by permission.

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