See y'all in Pennsylvania.

Reader Contribution by Cole Ward
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So … ready for the Mother Earth News Fair? I am.

Later this week, I’ll be driving eleven (ick ick ick) hours from Vermont to Seven Springs PA to set up at the Fair, and hopefully, meet lots of you. I’ll also be presenting, so I thought you might like a tiny preview of what I’ll be talking about.

Obviously, I won’t be able to deconstruct a cow in a 45 minute demo, but I certainly can talk about modern culinary butchering, meat safety, challenges posed by the industrial meat processing industry, and answer any questions you might have about meat, such as:

What IS “grass-fed” beef? Is it really better?

How can I find quality locally-raised meat?

Can I trust a supermarket for good meat? What do I need to know before I buy?

How can I feed my family for less money and get all my meat for under $3.50 / lb? (It CAN be done)

How can I find a good butcher? What should I look for?

… and anything else you might want to know about meat and me.

Oh, I will be demonstrating something – my famous (ahem, slap on the wrist, be modest, Cole) Pig in a Flanket. That’s a picture, there on the right.

So come visit me at booth #1010 in the Convention Hall any time over the Sept 24/25 weekend. Oh, and my presentation will be on 6 p.m. Saturday the 24th on the “Eating Well” stage.

Adieu, as we say in Vermont.

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