Fungi Galore: How to Grow Mushrooms at Home

Reader Contribution by Jessie Fetterling
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I got my mushroom kit!! Even though I wanted to start right away, I had to put my kit aside for a couple of days because I was really busy. But when I opened the kit, five mushrooms had already sprouted. As a beginning mushroom grower, I was scared that I had already ruined the log somehow. I hadn’t soaked it in water yet, and I wasn’t sure whether or not the already-grown mushrooms were a good sign.

So, I called Doug and Sandra Williams at Lost Creek Mushroom Farms (where I got my mushroom kit), and they gave me some much-needed advice. Doug told me that it was a good thing that the log was already producing mushrooms, and that I should just spray my log with water. He also said that he cuts his mushrooms off the log when they’re about three to five inches in diameter and are firm. One of mine had already grown to that size, so I cut it off, and I’m going to try it tonight. Now, I’m going to spray my mushroom log with water, and hopefully it will grow more!

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