Mandarin Salad Recipe

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This Mandarin Salad Recipe is perfect as a side dish or light salad for any meal.

Try this Mandarin Salad Recipe for a refreshing take on an orange salad.

Mandarin Salad Recipe

It was at Coronado Beach that we enjoyed our first mandarin salad. Other popular coast resorts serve similar fruit salads, in which the principal point of deliciousness lies in the generous use of mandarins or tangerines.

Eight tangerines were used to serve twelve people. The carpels of the fruit were separated; and when free from all skin and seeds these were mixed with a big California apple cut into cubes. A bit of spicy apricots or prunellas sliced or cut into small cubes, or any other seasonable fruit that is spicy, will give the “just-right” flavor. If the fruits lack the desirable spice, lemon juice may be generously sprinkled over the salad. The big reddish Tokay grapes, quartered and seeded, also form a tempting part of the salad, which is served on crisp lettuce leaves, sprinkled with a finely shredded sweet red or green pepper and dotted with mayonnaise dressing.

When served at home, “back East,” later, in pie-cherry time, we used a quantity of quartered and seeded cherries to take the place of the grapes, and canned apricots or canned pears sprinkled with lemon juice and cut into cubes were added to the apples and tangerines. With these dainty little sweet oranges forming the main part of the salad, various combinations of other fruits may be added, according to season, that will delightfully recall the tempting flavor of the salad served in the home of the luxuriant semitropical fruits.

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