Join the Real Food Revival!

People across the country are finding new and reliable ways to put
fresher, healthier food on the dinner table. They are buying
locally ? milk, eggs and meat from that farm down the road;
delicious tomatoes and peppers from an open-air market in your
hometown; and herbs from your next-door neighbor. Increasingly such
choices are easier to find.

More than 3,000 farmer’s markets, 1,000 Community Supported
Agriculture (CSA) programs and hundreds of natural food co-ops have
answered the call for ‘Real Food’ across the United States, and
those numbers continue to grow. Meanwhile, local food also is
appearing on menus from upscale restaurants to school cafeterias,
hospitals and other community-based food services. Check out
Local Harvest to find
Real Food near you; search for farmer’s markets, organic
restaurants, community supported agriculture (CSA) programs and
cooperative grocery stories in your area.