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It’s no secret that us HOMEGROWN types like good food. Or that we think about it 90 percent of the time. (OK, OK: 97 percent. Maybe 98.) And while we grow some it ourselves, from Mitchell’s pallet of herbs to Anna’s loopy zucchini, most of us can’t grow it all.

Thank goodness for farmers–the folks who stay up to their elbows in soil when the rest of us wash our hands of gardening and move on to cooking dinner or folding laundry or browsing the web. These guys and gals are out there harvesting today so that we can chow down tomorrow. The only trick is knowing where to find them.

So, to help connect the dots between farmers and eaters and to get good food into all of our gullets, we’ve created the Find Good Food page on HOMEGROWN. Check it out. You’ll see our very favorite national websites for locating food and farmers and markets near you, wherever you are. And since we couldn’t dig up a list of resources at the state-by-state level, we built one. How’s that for HOMEGROWN? If you like what you see, please pass it along.

One important note: This list is a work in progress. Just like everything else on HOMEGROWN, we’re relying on you to help make it bigger. Meatier. Juicier. Got a link you think we should add? Post a comment and let us know. We’re always hungry for more.


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