How to Regrow Lettuce

Reader Contribution by Monica Sharrock
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If you are like me, you love nothing more than a delicious salad of fresh greens. However, organic lettuces can be expensive and highly perishable when purchased regularly. An easy and cost-effective way to enjoy the greens you crave is to regrow romaine lettuce indoors from its head after harvesting its leaves. Here’s how:

ToRe-Grow Lettuce:

1. Find a container narrow enough to hold the lettuce head upright, yet deep enough to support its growth. I picked up a narrow, long container from a craft store so that I could place a couple heads of lettuce in a row. For one head, a wide-mouth pint-size mason jar should work well.

2. Make sure your romaine head is cut down to its base, with only about three inches remaining.

3. Place your lettuce in its container with enough water so that only about an inch of the plant is uncovered.

4. Place plant near a sunny window.

5. Change out the water every couple of days or so, and the plant will be ready to harvest in about three weeks.

Several romaine heads can be re-grown at once. If you eat a lot of salad, having a collection of four-six romaine plants would be great. Enjoy the beauty of the plant as it grows, as well as the nutrition it promises. 

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