How to Freeze Eggs For Winter Use

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Photo courtesy Jan Zoetekouw/Fotolia
Freezing eggs is an excellent way to store them for later.

Here’s how to freeze eggs so you can store all those fresh eggs for winter use:

Break two new-laid eggs into a small bowl. Using a clean knife stir the eggs to roughly mix yolk and white — do not beat.

Lightly oil a Pyrex custard cup. Pour in the eggs and freeze. Do as many eggs as you have and want to put up. When frozen solid, tip eggs into a freezer bag, fitting in as many as possible. Zip tight and freeze. You can add frozen eggs until the bag is full.

Two eggs seems to be the most useful amount for baking and to eat. They are thawed in the refrigerator, covered, beaten into milk, etc. and used just like fresh eggs, to scramble, make omelets, cakes and so forth