How to Freeze Bell Peppers From the Garden

Learn how to freeze bell peppers to preserve and use your bell peppers for the coming cold weather months.

Using Up Your Bell Pepper Crop

Stuffed Green Bell Pepper Recipe

How to Freeze Bell Peppers

It’s pepper-picking time again already . . . which means
that over the next four to eight weeks you may — at
times — find yourself with more crisp, juicy green
peppers on your hands than you know what to do with. Well,
here is a suggestion that should help you
dispose of that bumper crop.

In case you didn’t know it (I didn’t, until recently),
peppers can be frozen. No blanching is needed . .
. all you have to do is [1] slice the upper fourth of each
fruit off, [2] remove the peppers’ ribs and seeds, [3]
place the gutted peppers — along with their tops — inside
heavy plastic bags, then [4] expel the air from the bags,
seal ’em up tight, and pop them into the freezer. Six
months later (when supermarket pepper prices have gone
through the roof) you’ll have a supply of good-tasting,
inexpensive garden-grown peppers as close as your freezer!

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