Country Lore: Hot Rock Cooking

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Hot rock cooking is a much less obvious way of bringing your own hot dogs to the ballpark.

My family loves going to baseball games together. Unfortunately ballpark franks have become very expensive. So we came up with an idea that allows us to eat toasty warm hot dogs without going broke: hot rock cooking.

Before the game (or picnic or other outing), heat some briquettes in the grill. Then find a smooth, oval rock (approximately six to eight inches in diameter), slip it into the hot coals, and close the grill’s lid. Let the rock sit for 30 to 45 minutes.

Before leaving your house, wrap the raw hot dogs individually in aluminum foil. Then remove the rock with tongs and a very thick pot holder; wrap in aluminum foil. Carefully place all of the franks on top of your foil-covered rock and wrap the whole thing in newspaper. Place inside a canvas backpack. By the time you get to your destination, you will have a hot treat ready to serve. Don’t forget to pack the buns and condiments separately.

Rebecca Gene Allison
Lakewood, Colorado