A Honey Ginger Ale Recipe

Follow this honey ginger ale recipe for a refreshing homemade soda.

| December 2004/January 2005

Honey Ginger Ale Recipe

Ginger adds a delicious and spicy kick to this soda, and the honey contributes a sweet taste that is richer than refined sugar. Makes 1 gallon.


1 gallon water
1 cup honey
2 lemons
1 cup loosely packed hops flowers (optional)
2 pieces of ginger, thumb-sized
1/2 teaspoon ale or champagne yeast


Combine water, honey and hops in a stockpot. Add the juice from the two lemons and bring to a boil. Grate ginger and add to the pot. Simmer for 30 minutes. Allow to cool and then add the yeast. Let the soda stand at room temperature for 24 hours, then use a funnel and strainer to pour the soda into bottles. Leave 1 to 2 inches of
empty space at the top of the bottle and attach the bottle caps. Write the date on the bottles and store them in a warm, draft-free place, ideally at room temperature, for an additional 24 hours. Then refrigerate. For best results, leave the bottles in the refrigerator an additional day or two before drinking.

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