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Reader Contribution by Wendy Gregory
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Photo by Colette O’Neill

YouTube can be overwhelming with content or the same old thing if the same sites and topics keep popping up in your stream and suggested videos sidebar. Try searching for very specific key words and you will open up a whole new world of sites to explore and generate new suggestions for viewing. Using Homestead Kitchen, these inspiring kitchens appeared for an afternoon of tours and interesting people doing inspiring homestead projects.

Get ideas for using repurposed and salvaged pieces for kitchen renovations beyond the costly pre-built kitchen cabinetry, storage and organization tips, the best equipment and tools for a homestead lifestyle, and even how-tos and recipes from these passionate video makers. And if you have a homestead kitchen, there are always kitchen gardens nearby with garden tour  videos on most of these sites.

Farmhouse Vernacular Holiday Kitchen

Farmhouse Vernacular did a whole series on the research and planning for her unfitted, Victorian kitchen with delightful results that she then puts to work on her farm with canning, cooking and crafting.

Victorian Kitchenseries.

Farmhouse VernacularHoliday Kitchen

Angela at Parkrose Permculture

Angela at Parkrose Permculture gives us tips from her reclaimed eco-kitchen remodel in Portland, Oregon.

Bealtaine Cottage in Ireland

Bealtaine Cottage in Ireland has the coziest, sustainable kitchen in her permaculture renovated cottage that is also an ‘unfitted’ kitchen that doesn’t use manufactured kitchen cabinetry.

Homesteading Family Kitchen Tour

See the organization and food preparation with Homesteading Family Kitchen Tour from their homestead in Idaho.

Elliott Homestead

Visit the Elliott Homestead in Washington state and see all the changes in their homestead kitchen.

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