Easy Peaches Freezing Tip

Reader Contribution by Staff
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You may have already discovered that supermarket peaches are often hard and flavorless. They are picked so green that they just never ripen once you get them home. What you may not know is that REAL peaches are superjuicy with luscious, to-die-for flavor. During peach season (July and August) local farmers markets usually sell real peaches. Even when they ship them in from a neighboring state, they’re almost always infinitely better that what you’re likely to find in supermarkets. Here’s a superquick and easy way my mom freezes peaches for eating later: 

Drop the whole peach into a plastic sandwich bag, zip shut and toss in the freezer. When you want a fruit snack, just run the frozen peach under water for a moment, and the skin will slip off. Slice into a bowl and wait until the icy-ness is gone. Then enjoy the next best thing to fruit fresh from the tree!

 P.S. Peaches are one of the easiest fruit crops for home gardeners — for a low-cost way to grow your own peaches, see Grow Free Fruit Trees.