A Roundup of Food Waste Solutions

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A Roundup of Food Waste Solutions 

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Food waste is a pervasive issue that plagues every part of the supply chain. Consumers, companies, grocers, and growers can all do their part to reduce food waste, and in doing so, work to curtail the 40 percent of U.S. food that ends up in a landfill. The multifaceted solutions in the following articles, blog posts, and resources focus on reducing food waste from every angle. From transforming food scraps into delicious dishes to composting excess edibles, you can take a number of routes toward stemming the flow of food waste and fighting to make our food system more sustainable.

Comprehensive Fixes

Reduce: Preventing Excess Food

  • Buy Bulk Food to Save Money on Groceries“Buying-club households usually waste less food because their cooking habits become grounded in a pantry mentality: Meal planning begins with the goods already stocked at home.”

Reuse: Recipes and Methods for Diverting Unused Food

Recycle: Composting Programs

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