Inside the Slow Food Movement

The health of our planet — and of our own bodies — are the chief concerns motivating the Slow Food Movement.

May 2014

Introduction by Silvia Ceriani

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Slow Food Movement – Campaigns, Biodiversity, Education

These three words, seen through the lens of the Slow Food movement, refer to hundreds of concrete, everyday experiences. And to knowledge, traditions, flavors, hands...Those of the African farmers, who, cultivating a small food garden, regain possession of their food sovereignty, pride in their own food, and hope for a better future that speaks the language of local products. Those of the French children, who, digging their fingers into dark earth, learn to appreciate the value of a tuber or a radish. Those of the Palestinian women who have started a social enterprise in Nablus, centered around the local culinary culture, running educational, social and cultural programs. Those of Serbian herders, working to safeguard local livestock breeds at risk of extinction. Those of the Uruguayan and American consumers who are rightly demanding to see GMOs listed on food labels and the right to choose what they eat. Those of the young people who with the freshness of their ideas and their music are conquering Europe.