How to Dehydrate Fresh Spinach

| 5/20/2016 10:17:00 AM

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Spinach in dehydrator

Aah, the joys of spring. What's not to love? The temps become more comfortable and after a long, cold winter it's finally time to get back into the garden! Some veggies, such as spinach, really prefer to be planted when there's still a chill in the air and don't tolerate the higher temps of a typical Northeast Texas summer. So, my spinach was planted earlier in the season and I'm harvesting it often these days to enjoy raw in salads or steamed as a veggie side with our supper.

It seems spinach is almost a feast-or-famine kind of vegetable — it's gloriously prolific when it grows, then BOOM! Gone for the season. So, I'm harvesting as much spinach as I can by cutting the leaves to the bottom inch or so of the plant which allows the spinach plant to regrow it's green leafy goodness for yet another harvest.

But fresh spinach is so perishable and we can only eat so much fresh spinach. I wanted to preserve this spring goodness to enjoy later in the year, so I decided to dehydrate it.

Dehydrating Fresh Spinach Leaves

My Excalibur Dehydrator book gave the instructions for my area & humidity level here in Northeast Texas: dehydrate at 125 degrees Fahrenheit for 5 hours. (Your time may very based on the humidity level where you live.)  I harvested those fresh spinach leaves early in the morning, washed them thoroughly and laid them out on a kitchen towel to air dry a bit.

Some people cut off the stems but all the stems on my spinach leaves were pretty small and tender so I didn't bother pulling them off. I layered the washed leaves on the screen of my Excalibur dehydrator,  spreading them out quickly & evenly. Some of my spinach leaves were still touching a bit but I didn't worry too much about that since I know the leaves will shrink back anyway as they dry.

12/19/2017 8:14:55 AM

What can you use dehydrated spinach in? I mostly like it raw.

12/19/2017 7:40:36 AM

I'm sorry, what does this sentence mean, that you increase harvest "by cutting the leaves to the bottom inch or so of the plant which allows the spinach plant to regrow." Do you not cut the bottom inch or so, but still cut everything above?

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