Dough Whisk Giveaway

Reader Contribution by Sue Van Slooten
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Hello dear readers, I have some excitement in store for you this time. A review of the King Arthur Flour dough whisk follows, and this is a great bread making tool. I was really impressed after the first time I used this odd looking contraption. You’re going to say, well, what’s so exciting about that? Because afterward, you have the opportunity to win one for free from King Arthur Flour, who will be generous enough to send one out to the lucky winner. But first, the review. 

The first time I met the dough whisk was online. There it was, in its simplistic glory, staring at me on the screen. The description said this device would really help you mix bread doughs, heavy ones, in between, whatever you’re baking. As I bake a lot of homemade bread, the thought crossed my mind, why not? So one was duly ordered. Upon its arrival, a loaf of bread immediately became necessary. As promised, this whisk made the mixing of the dough a quick and simple, relatively mess-free event. The flour was incorporated much more easily and completely versus when I use a regular large spoon. After that experience, I started putting it out on the table for my bread-baking classes, just to see what kind of reaction I would get from students as they arrived. It got some curious glances, one or two even mustering the courage to ask, “What is that thing?” And then the fun would begin, because I let them try the whisk versus the spoon, and they all liked the whisk, wanting to know where to get one. The whisk comes in two sizes, a smaller one and a large one. I bought the large one, not being one to attempt things half-heartedly. It is constructed of a wood handle and a sturdy wire, curlicue head. It is manufactured in Poland. I heartily recommend getting one of these! 

Now for the really exciting part:a contest. The first person who contacts me by Nov. 25, with their favorite bread recipe that they would like this whisk for, wins a dough whisk! I plan to then test the recipe for my blog here, using the whisk of course. The contact must be by email only, at, with the subject line “Dough Whisk.” I will announce the winner in the next blog. The whisk will be mailed to you, so please provide a current address.

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