Cream of Sorrel Soup Recipe

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This Cream of Sorrel Soup Recipe is made using edible food from the wild.

Learn about this Cream of Sorrel Soup Recipe and how you can use this free wild food in a nutritious, delicious recipe.

Cream of Sorrel Soup Recipe

Pick Sorrel, sheep sorrel, sour grass or red sorrel (Rumex
for this recipe.

For cream of sorrel soup pick, wash and scissor into small
pieces two tightly packed cups of sorrel leaves (strip the
leaves from the rib and discard it). Heat four tablespoons
of bacon grease or butter. Stir in the scissored sorrel
leaves and cook until very well browned, being careful not
to burn them. Place in four quart soup pan and add a
tablespoon of whole gain wheat flour, 1/4 teaspoon salt and
four cups of milk. This can be cow milk, goat milk, soy
bean milk or thistle soup stock. Cover the pot and simmer
for 1/2 hour. Add black pepper and serve hot.

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