Cooking Rabbit: Four Rabbit Recipes

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Photo By the MOTHER EARTH NEWS staff
Practice cooking rabbit with these four great rabbit recipes.

Learn about cooking rabbit using these four tried-and-true rabbit recipes.

Rabbit Recipes

Fried Rabbit With Grapefruit Juice Recipe
Rabbit Sausage Recipe
Rabbit Soup Recipe
Canadian Rabbit Stew Recipe

Robert C. “Uncle Bob” Winans of Lutz, Florida keeps several dozen rabbits (along with laying hens, fishing worms, and a year-round garden) on the acre of land to which he and his wife have retired.

And when it comes time to eat one of his home-raised rabbits, Uncle Bob doesn’t rely on any cookbook, nor does he fall back on some time-honored but ordinary cooking method for cooking rabbit. What he does is invent new rabbit recipes as he goes along!

George Fournier of Charlton City, Mass. — on the other hand — prefers to adhere to one favorite rabbit-cooking formula that has never let his family down. “It’s a recipe my Canadian wife, Monique, brought to Massachusetts with her as part of her dowry . . . part of the accumulated farm kitchen wisdom that’s passed down from generation to generation in a land where tradition is still a part of one’s inheritance.”

According to her husband, Monique Fournier’s Canadian rabbit stew “will stick to your ribs through a whole day’s chores, and keep you ’til the dinner bell rings.”

The first three rabbit recipes, then, will give you some idea of Bob Winans’ creative flair (“I’ve developed these myself,” he writes, “and I believe your readers will enjoy them as much as we do”), and the fourth will present you with the chance to experience a wonderful Canadian tradition!

MOTHER EARTH NEWS’ staff has tested all four hare recipes, and the results are some of the best-tasting rabbit recipes we’ve ever sampled. Try ’em for yourself and see!

Rabbit recipes are available at the beginning of this article.