Cheesy Potato Soup Recipe from Vintage Mother Earth News Almanac

| 11/25/2017 9:15:00 PM

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Classic Cheesy Potato Soup Recipe

My husband and I have been fans of Mother Earth News ever since it was a scruffy magazine headquartered on a kitchen table and printed on rough wood pulp paper. So, my brother’s 1975 Christmas gift was perfect: a copy of the Mother Earth News Almanac. Just as scruffy as its magazine sibling, the Almanac was a small 4-by-7-inch volume.

The folksy guide was filled with practical information for back-to-the-landers with homesteading tips, natural remedies, organic gardening guidance, and more, as well as simple, old-fashioned line-drawn illustrations. We devoured it. More precisely, we devoured the cheesy-potato soup, the recipe found in its pages — we devoured it often.

But then we packed up all our belongings and moved a couple of times. Boxes remained unpacked for too long. We drooled over memories of the cheesy-potato soup, especially on cold winter nights, but we couldn’t remember exactly how it was made. Over time, we even forgot where the recipe had come from in the first place. We resigned ourselves to the idea that the soup was lost to us forever.

A couple of years ago when we went through our occasional ritual of sorting through our small library of books, discarding some to make way for others, we came across our well-worn copy of the Mother Earth News Almanac. Well, you know how it is when a reader finds a well-loved old book. We stopped working on the task at hand and took a little trip down memory lane as we perused the book’s pages. I turned to a page where a scrap of paper served as an ancient bookmark. And there it was: our favorite cheesy potato soup!

Like much of the book, the recipe for Cheesy Potato Soup was a little imprecise, as indicated by the introductory statement about yield. “For two hungry people,” it said. (For any but the heartiest appetites, this recipe would serve twice that number.) It spoke of “a little larger than medium” potatoes. It spoke of “a chunk” of cheese — it was so 1970s.

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