Grind Your Own Flour With a Bike-Powered Grain Mill

| 10/11/2012 2:41:03 PM

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Baking and cooking with freshly ground grains is a guarantee that you'll enjoy more flavorful and more healthful food. You may be surprised by how much of a difference you'll notice in the flavor and texture in a loaf of bread made with flour ground in a grain mill just before baking as opposed to a loaf made with store-bought flour. (Find out more about the health and flavor of fresh flour, plus a wonderful homemade whole-grain recipe, in Homemade Bread: You Have to Try This Amazing Recipe.)

We have found a more efficient and incredibly fun way to grind grains into wholesome flours and meals — with a bike-powered grain mill. The folks at GrainMaker have created a bike kit for a number of their grain mills. We keep one here at the magazine's office, and I've been taking a quick 20 or 30 minute spin about once a week to have fresh whole-wheat flour for weekend bread-baking and tasty whole-grain cornmeal for breads, grits or polenta. 

We thought you'd like to see the bike-powered grain mill in action, so we shot this little video to give you an idea of how to combine fun, exercise and real food all into one two-wheeled package. Here, I am using the bike-powered grain mill to grind 'Floriani' grain corn into a delightful cornmeal to make a memorable dinner. 

Jennifer Kongs is the Managing Editor at MOTHER EARTH NEWS magazine. When she’s not working at the magazine, she’s likely working in her garden, on the local running trails or in her kitchen instead. You can find Jennifer on Twitter or .

Video taken by Jason Cole 

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