How to Make Basic Pizza Dough

| 2/3/2014 9:20:00 AM

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Finished Pizza

This recipe is a gateway recipe to the wonderful world of homemade pizza. It is simple and delicious. It has plenty of flexibility for cooks at any level to grow into, learn from, experiment with, and/or hone their dough-making skills.This recipe is a hybrid of classic and quick recipes that I have adapted to fit my busy family’s lifestyle. The sky is the limit with this recipe: extra spices add flare, cast iron / deep dish pizza become a regular joy, calzones become a possibility — you name it.

The main aspect of what makes this so great is the short learning curve (due to the small number of steps). Mastering this basic recipe boosts confidence in the kitchen, provides a go-to meal when the cupboards start to empty, and opens up a world of culinary experimentation, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Without further adieu...

Basic Pizza Dough Recipe

Tools: Large bowl with non-airtight cover (I usually use a dish cloth), cookie sheet or pizza stone, measuring cups and spoons, cheese grater, large spoon or ladle.

Ingredients for dough

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