Ep. 59 Vermicomposting

Join Heather Rinaldi and Joanne Olszewski as they discuss how to compost with worms -- specifically, red wigglers.

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In this episode of Mother Earth News and Friends podcast, Heather Rinaldi and Joanne Olszewski as they discuss how to compost with worms, such as red wigglers. This includes the different bins and methods of harvesting.

Heather Rinaldi’s lifelong connection with the soil led her to research soil microbiology in an effort to naturally improve production for farmers, ranchers and urban homesteaders. Heather enjoys waxing poetic on the merits of worms, fungi, bacteria, and protozoa in our soil ecosystem, which leads to lots of missed party invitations (but can solve all the perplexing problems you have with your property). To learn more about the Texas Worm Ranch and the herds of worms that process over 100 tons of organic material a year into biologically rich worm castings

Joanne Olszewski is the co-author of the 35th anniversary edition of Worms Eat My Garbage. A close friend of the book’s original author, the late Mary Appelhof, Olszewski is a fellow vermi-enthusiast and the owner of Worm Woman Inc., which manufactures and sells the Worm-A-Way worm bin.

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