Ep. 22 Writing Urban Ag Policy

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In this episode of Mother News Earth and Friends, Helen Schnoes and Mary Miller of the Douglas County Food Policy Council to discuss how to work inside your city limits to gain agricultural rights for your community.

Russell Mullin, Managing Editor of Heirloom Gardener, is currently serving as a board member for the Kansas Permaculture Institute, after previously serving as a representative for the Douglas County Food Policy Council. He is in the process of designing and building a tiny home on wheels with his significant other, Mary Beth, so that they can park their home on 10 beautiful acres and get to work on creating a small market garden with a focus on heirloom cultivars and permaculture design principles.

Helen Schnoes is the Douglas County Food Systems Coordinator. She helps foster connections among stakeholders and supports a variety of projects and programs as part of the continued development of a strong local food system in Douglas County.

Mary Miller is the Douglas county planner her specialties include design for sustainable and livable communities, ordinance development and implementation, and fostering strategic and long-term growth.

Additional Resources:

 How to Start an Urban Farm

Zoning and City Code Considerations for Urban Homesteaders

National Resources:

 Iowa State “Urban Zoning Guide”

American Planning Association – Policy Briefs

Regional Resources:

 North Eastern Kansas Beekeepers Association

Local Extension Services

Food Policy Network

Community Food Assessment


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Interview by Charlotte French

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