Raising Bison

Interview with John Flocchini

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In Episode 113 of Mother Earth News and Friends podcast, John Flocchini of Durham Ranch in Wyoming chats with us about raising bison, and their benefits to the land.

John Flocchini grew up sweeping floors and packing steaks for the family’s Durham Meat Company in San Jose, California learning the business from the ground up. As soon as he could, he began spending summers working at the Durham Ranch in Wyoming. He moved to the ranch full time after graduating with his degree in Agriculture from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo in 1980. He took over the management reins of the ranch in 1985. He raised 2 beautiful daughters on the ranch, Erin and Cari and, married Gaylynn in 2009. John’s hobbies are running, flying, fly-fishing, gardening and traveling.

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