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Charlyn Ellis, College Town Urban Homesteader

Name: Charlyn Ellis

Occupation: High school English teacher

Place of Residence: Corvallis, Oregon

Background and Personal History: Charlyn has been growing vegetables since she was five years old, and her mother bought her her first rake and pitchfork. She waved them around and threatened Peter Rabbit. When she bought her home sixteen years ago, she had no idea how large a presence her gardens would have in her family’s lives, but they loved the balance of large backyard to small house.

Charlyn’s family has worked steadily to make their home more sustainable and the most important step, for them, was living in town, within easy walking distance of work, groceries, and downtown. They are urban homesteaders. They have a large organic vegetable garden, fruit trees, a beehive, four chickens, one rabbit, and two cats on a small urban lot in the center of town, surrounded by college students. Charlyn considers permaculture principles when she makes changes in her designs, especially the idea that the problem is the solution.

Current Projects: Sourcing food locally, considering a small greenhouse to grow winter crops, and integrating two new chickens into the flock (the drama!)

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