What to Plant Now: November in the Southwest Gardening Region

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November in the
Southwest Gardening Region


 Stay on Schedule 

Vegetable planting times can change fast in a Southwest garden, so make sure you’re in the right month. Click on the current month below to learn more about what to plant now, anytime.  


If you’re a Southwest gardener, you’re in the right place. If you’re from somewhere else, click to find garden planning information for your area.


Top 10 Crops for the Southwest Gardening Region


Successful Southwest gardeners emphasize crops that naturally grow well, which was clearly shown in our  National Survey of Most Productive Garden Crops. Choose your favorites from the list below. These crops received the highest ratings from fellow organic vegetable gardeners in the Southwest. Additional options found on the Recommended Crops list are sorted by plant family to make it easier to plan effective rotations 

1. Potato
2. Garlic
3. Cherry tomato
4. Bulb onion
5. Slicing tomato
6. Carrot
7. Summer squash
8. Snow/snap pea
9. Paste tomato
10. Sweet pepper


Other Highly Recommended Crops:

Cabbage family:  Kale, kohlrabi 

Cucumber family:  Cucumberpumpkin, winter squash 

Leafy greens:  Arugula, chard, Chinese cabbage, mache, lettuce, pac choi, spinach 

Legumes:  Dry soup beans, edamame, fava bean, snap beans, snow/snap and shell peas, Southern peas

Root crops:  Beetradish, rutabaga, shallot, sunchoke, sweet potato 

Tomato family:  Eggplant, peppers (all types), tomatillo

Miscellaneous: Bulb fennel, leek, okra, rhubarb, scallions 

Vegetable Planting Chart for November, Southwest


Sow Indoors   

Sow Outdoors  


Low Elevations Only 
Arugula    XXX    XXX 
Asparagus      XXX  XXX 
Beet     XXX     XXX 
Broccoli  XXX     XXX  XXX 


Carrot      XXX     XXX 
 Cauliflower        XXX  XXX 
XXX     XXX 
Collards      XXX       
Endive     XXX     XXX 
 Garlic      XXX        
 Kale  XXX     XXX  XXX 
 Kohlrabi     XXX  XXX  XXX 
 Lettuce     XXX     XXX 
 Mache      XXX        
Mustard      XXX        
 Onions, short day     XXX   XXX   XXX 
 Onions, perennial      XXX        
 Peas, snow, snap and shell     XXX     XXX 
Radish     XXX     XXX 
 Rutabaga     XXX     XXX 
 Shallots      XXX        
 Spinach      XXX      XXX 
Turnip      XXX     XXX 


Sow Indoors   

Sow Outdoors  


Low Elevations Only 


  XXX    XXX 

Crimson clover  




Hairy vetch     XXX     XXX 


  XXX    XXX 
Peas, winter     XXX   
Wheat     XXX    XXX 

Good Reading About the Southwest Gardening Region

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Resources for the Southwest Gardening Region

Climate factors such as elevation or distance from the sea will influence when to plant what. These links will help you find your best planting dates, starting with extension service recommendations.

Home Vegetable Gardening in New Mexico, New Mexico State University 

  Vegetable Planting Guide, Arizona State University (click to your zone to find exact planting dates) 

  Vegetable Planting Guide, San Diego (California) County Extension Service 

 Sustainable Agriculture in Arizona. PDF from University of Arizona 

 Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education, University of California 

 California Certified Organic Farmers, Santa Cruz, California 

  Farm to Table, Santa Fe, New Mexico 


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