Three Easy Ways to Make Your Own Seed Envelopes

Reader Contribution by Colleen Vanderlinden

Along with the yearly perusing of catalogs comes the annual tradition of sifting through my seed stash, organizing what I have. And part of that, for some reason, leads into swapping seeds with other gardeners. I do most of my seed swapping online, with other garden bloggers or via forums like Garden Web. You could buy little baggies or coin envelopes for this purpose, but I think it’s fun to make your own seed envelopes. And, as a bonus, you can reuse items around your house to make some of these. Here are three fun, easy seed envelope ideas:

1. Seed Packet Templates from You Grow Girl

These templates are so pretty, and Gayla Trail has made both plain ones that you can label yourself, or pre-made packet templates for popular seeds such as snapdragons, pansies, and poppies. Simply print them out, fold and glue, and you’re ready to package your seeds.

2. Post-It Note Seed Packets

I came across this idea yesterday via a friend on Pinterest. A couple of Post-Its and some tape, and you’ve got a very simple seed packet:

3. Seed Packets from Catalogs or Magazines

What to do with last year’s seed catalogs now that the new ones are coming in? Why not cut them up and use them to make seed packets? This great idea from Gardening in the Boroughs of NYC uses a simple template to make really pretty seed envelopes.

So, there you have it: three easy ideas for making your own seed packets. Now I just need to get my seeds organized so I can start swapping!