The Power of Pinterest

Reader Contribution by Angela Blackerby
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How many of you have checked out Pinterest? Like most people, I initially used Pinterest to gather recipes and craft ideas. However, I’ve been using the gardening section a lot lately. Perhaps it’s due to spring fever, but in all honesty, there are some great ideas out there. Pinterest is an online bulletin board of sorts for all of your ideas. I don’t know about you, but sometimes I have a hard time remembering all of the things that strike me as clever or resourceful.  

In my own blog, I recently posted potting bench ideas that I found on Pinterest. This is really just scratching the surface, though. There are so many great ideas out there, that they are sure to inspire you. Mother Earth News recently talked in the magazine about their own Pinterest page. You can check out their page here.

A few things that have struck me in my search of pinterest are too good to keep to myself, especially with you crafty readers out there!  

This recycled water bottle greenhouse idea is fantastic. This is one of my favorite quotes from the gardening section. and gardening are a perfect match! I hope you spend some time today checking out the gardening section.