Two Tomato Tips

Reader Contribution by Angela Blackerby

Hopefully, you haven’t planted your tomatoes yet, because I have two tips to share with you that will make your plants happier and stronger. 

Save Your Eggshells 

During the late winter or early spring, I begin saving all of mine. Just give them a quick rinse and keep them in a bowl on your counter to allow them to dry out. Once you have an amount that seems like a lot, put them into a baggie. Then take your rolling pin, or instrument of your choice, and crush them into smithereens. Trust me, it feels great.

When you plant your tomatoes, mix and sprinkle the crushed eggshells into the surrounding soil. Tomatoes love calcium, and this also helps to prevent blossom end rot, which is a common problem with tomatoes.

Bury Part of the Stem 

Plant the tomato so that part of the stem with no leaves is under the soil. Tomatoes are wondrous things that will actually sprout additional roots from the part of the plant you put under the soil, making the plant stronger and better able to absorb water and other nutrients.

Now get to work planting your tomatoes!