Testing the Health of Garden Soil

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Testing the health of garden soil is an important part of good crops.

Learn about testing the health of garden soil for good crops.

Testing the Health of Garden Soil: How Alive is Your Soil?

You can test the health of your soil food web with a Solvita Garden Care Kit. The kit assesses the soil’s biological health by measuring how much carbon dioxide the soil food web produces. You just put a soil sample into the plastic jar, add a paddle coated with a gel that changes color when exposed to carbon dioxide, put on the lid and wait 24 hours. Then, compare the color of the gel to a color chart in the kit. If the test shows low activity, the kit tells what steps to take to improve your soil.

The Garden Care Kit also includes similar tests to assess the quality and maturity of your compost. Each kit sells for $23.50 plus shipping, and includes materials for three soil tests and three compost tests. To order click here.

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