Space-Saving Gardening: How to Grow More Food (Video)

Reader Contribution by Jennifer Kongs

Many gardeners are plagued with a common problem: Lack of ample gardening space. If you, too, are running out of ground to fully propagate your organic vegetable garden plans, have we got good news for you! You can learn how to grow more food by taking advantage of space-saving gardening techniques, which means you can enjoy more harvests without increasing the size of your garden.

While you may be tempted to just plant more crops at a tighter spacing, you’ll likely crowd your crops and actually hurt your overall harvests as the plants compete for root space and nutrients. Instead, consider other methods, such as vertical gardening and seeking high yield crops. Some crops can handle tight planting, following the square foot gardening method, but you need to know how to implement this method to still get the best returns. Of course, when puzzling on how to grow more food, adding a container vetable garden on your porch or patio is always a good option, too.

Get more tips on how to plan your vertical vegetabl garden in the video below, as well as better ideas on how to use our MOTHER EARTH NEWS Garden Planner to enjoy high yield crops grown using space-saving gardening techniques. 

Learn How to Grow More Food With These Great Gardening Resources

The tool mentioned in the video — our popular Vegetable Garden Planner — can help you map out your garden design, space crops, know when to plant which crops in your exact location, and much more.

Need crop-specific growing information? Browse our Crops at a Glance Guide for advice on planting and caring for dozens of garden crops.

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